Jewelry Care

Tips to keep your jewelry looking new:

  • Always remove your jewelry when bathing, swimming, exercising, washing your hands, or applying skin products. 
  • Please do not submerge your jewelry in water. Tap water contains chlorine which is a chemical that can corrode jewelry.
  • Hand sanitizer contains high levels of alcohol which can strip plating and enamel. Avoid exposure to household cleaning products and chemicals.
  • Taking your jewelry off before bed helps prevent tangles, scratches, and bends.
  • When getting dressed, always put your jewelry on last to avoid snags.
  • When not being worn, keep your jewelry safely stored in a soft pouch or a lined jewelry box. 

Plated Jewelry: Please be aware that all gold or rhodium plating requires proper care and can naturally fade over time. Using jewelry cleaning products with your plated Little Rooms jewelry may strip the plating or cause the piece to lose its lovely antiqued look.

Fine Jewelry: Keeping your 14K Gold jewelry sparkling requires proper care. Even with precious metal and gemstones, the chlorine in tap water, the salt in seawater, and the chemicals in lotions and household cleaning products can dull your jewelry. It can also loosen prongs which may cause you to lose stones. We highly recommend removing your fine jewelry before submerging yourself water or doing highly physical activities. 

Periodically clean your 14K Gold jewelry by soaking it in warm water with a little dish soap. Very gently clean the piece with a soft bristled brush to avoid scratching the stone.