Stones: We currently offer the pieces in our Fine Jewelry Collection with Moissanite and Lab Diamonds. We love that these options are eco-conscious, conflict free, and require no mining. Lab created Diamonds and Moissanite have a small carbon footprint and both are far more cost-effective than natural diamonds. This gives us the opportunity to offer statement making fine jewelry for a far more affordable price.

Recycled Gold: We use recycled gold to create the pieces in our Fine Jewelry Collection. Recycled gold is ethical and sustainable while still retaining all of its purity, quality, and value. 

White Gold: We Rhodium plate our White Gold jewelry to give it a bright white look. Rhodium can also increase the durability of the piece, preventing tarnish and scratches.

If you would prefer to not have your White Gold item Rhodium plated, please reach out to us before placing your order. Please note that without Rhodium plating, White Gold will naturally have a slightly yellow tone to it.

Alternative Metals: The pieces in our Fine Jewelry Collection are shown on our site in 14K Yellow Gold and 14K White Gold. If you are interested in one of our fine jewelry designs in Platinum, Rose Gold, or 18K, please reach out to our Fine & Bridal Team. Please be aware that 14K is more durable than 18K, which is softer and may scratch easier.

We do not offer any of the pieces in our Fine Jewelry Collection in Sterling Silver.